Questions Fréquentes ?

Can we reserve one of your products so as not to miss it??

It is entirely possible to reserve any of our products online with our click-and-collect service.

All you have to do is place an order online via our online store and collect your order from our store.

You are an online store, can we have it delivered??

Unfortunately at the moment our online store does not offer a parcel delivery service.

The store was created for the simple purpose, that our customers have the possibility to have an overview of our products and their promotions in real time, if unfortunately they do not have availability to go to our store, they can always place an order on our online store and pick it up directly on site when time permits.

How do you choose your products?

The products are meticulously chosen by ourselves from trusted suppliers.

What we are looking for in priority is trendy products and novelties as well as quality in our products and a most affordable price for our customers is for us somethingprimordial.

 As a result, we listen to the opinions and feedback of our customers.

Who are your suppliers?

All our suppliers are French designers, all designs are invented in France.

What is your advantage?

Most of the products of our suppliers, our customers can find them in the most famous online stores.

The first advantage that we bring to our customers is to find these products in our store at identical prices, but without the shipping costs unlike online stores.

The second advantage is to be able to try the product and be able to get an idea of the material of it, which is not possible by buying items online.

The third advantage is our loyalty program, At Street'Style it is essential to reward our loyal customers with a point system.

Can we get a refund for an item?

You can, of course, be reimbursed for an item under certain conditions, for this we advise you to read ourrefund policy.